fitness journey

How to Find Fitness Motivation

Everyone knows working out is a good thing. It’s common sense. Yet the majority of people don’t work out.  Why is that? Well, “workout” contains the word “work,” and if you aren’t motivated, you won’t want to sweat.  But if you’re motivated, you’ll definitely dig into a program or routine. So how do you find

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Exercise with Age

The Super Bowl is on Sunday and in case you haven’t been paying attention it’s the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the big game.  The Chiefs have one of the bright young stars in the NFL with quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Meanwhile, the Buccaneers have the greatest quarterback of all time in Tom

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My Fitness Journey

In January 2006, I weighed 270 pounds. It had been four years since I had played college football and I was still in ‘playing shape’. It has now been 15 years since I began my fitness journey and there have been a lot of ups and downs.  I was tired of being fat. I was

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