Vanessa Whitten

Vanessa has been a member of No Excuses since 2014. She moved to Georgia from Nashville when she had her first child. After years of providing therapy to children with Autism, she transitioned into staying home with her two children and is expecting a third child in spring of 2019.
Vanessa has been active since a young again, participating in gymnastics for 10 years and karate for four years. She later transitioned to trail jogging, mountain biking and rock climbing.
“Living in a new town, knowing few people, and becoming a stay-at-home mom, I easily slipped into depression. It wasn’t until 2014, a year after having Ava, I decided to start CrossFit. The people, the programming, and the competition turned my life around for the better.
“I had never weight trained in my life, so joining CrossFit was a new world to me. I trained through one pregnancy and have since worked very hard to grow as an athlete.  And now, I have competed in countless CrossFit and Weightlifting competitions.”
“And that is what makes me most excited about coaching others, that anyone can start from any point and make significant progress.”