Workout of the Day (WOD)

2.11.20 Tuesday

Prep: 3min Easy Row + Dynamic Warm Up Fitness A. 3 Sets: 5 Empty Bar OHS 30 Single Unders 30 sec/side Side Plank rest 30 sec B. AMRAPs 85% 5min 10m Shuttle Run x6 (Down and back = 2) 5 Push Ups 10 Air Squats rest 3min 5min 15 cal Row 10 Burpees rest 3min

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2.10.20 Monday

Prep: 4 Sets: 60 sec Row 10 alt Shoulder Taps 5 Cat Cows 10 Glute Bridges Fitness A. Clean Grip DL EMOM10 2 reps @ 31X1 65-70% of 1RM DL B. Seated DB Press EMOM10 4 reps @ 30X0 Same weight or a little tougher than last week C. AMRAP12 9 cal Row 7 BJSD

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2.8.20 Saturday

Prep: Dynamic Group Warm Up A. For Time: 800m Run 20 DB Burpees 50/35 /hand 40 cal Row 20 Burpees Over DBs 400m Run 20 DB Thrusters 20 cal AB Scale weights as needed. Can do with a partner Partner Wod: Double reps and break up however you want except for run you run as

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2.7.20 Friday

Prep: 3 Sets: 60 sec/side Banded Ankle Distractrion w/ KB 10 Prone Ts (Hold 2 sec at top) 20 sec Bar Hang Essentials A. OHS Every 2min x4 sets: 4 OHS @ 33X1 Perfect reps w/ Light load. If needs to Use PVC to get depth then scale as needed etc. B. EMOM10 1 Pause

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2.6.20 Thursday

Prep: Dynamic Warm Up A. 6 Rounds 90 sec Row 85% 10 BJSD 24” 4-8 UB TTB / Knee Raises (Must be UB) rest 45 sec B. 4 Sets: 15-20 sec/side Adduction Plank 100′ Front Rack Carry Tough Weight 10 alt Dual DB OH Walking Lunge rest as needed

2.5.20 Wednesday

Prep: 3 Sets: 10 Russian KBS Light 5 Goblet Squats 50′ Bear Crawl A. EMOM16 Odd- 5 Front Squats @ 30X1 Even- UB Strict Pull Ups Start moderate and build each set on FS. Goal is a tough set of pull ups in the minute. Do not exceed over 50% of your max score of

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2.4.20 Tuesday

Prep: 3min Easy Row + Dynamic Warm Up Essentials A. 3 Sets: 3/side Light DB Power Snatch 10 Air Squats 30 sec/side Side Plank rest 30 sec B. AMRAPs @ 85% 5min 10 cal AB 10 Burpees rest 3min 5min 10 cal Row 20 Air Squats rest 3min 5min 8 DB Power Snatch 35/20 16

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2.3.20 Monday

Prep: 4 Sets: 50’/side Lateral Shuffle 10 alt Shoulder Taps 5 Cat Cows 10 Glute Bridges Essentials A. Clean Grip DL EMOM8 3 reps @ 31X1 Moderate load across with perfect form. B. Seated DB Press EMOM8 5 reps @ 30X0 around 50% of your 8RM or whaterever is tough but you can maintain for

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Athlete Spotlight: Carrie Belmore

Name: Carrie Belmore Age: 34 Occupation: Phase I Clinical Trials Oncology Nurse Hometown: There are many, but I’ll claim Nashville Which class time do you usually attend? 5am, 8:30a on Saturday Favorite WOD: Isabel, DT or Flight Simulator Favorite CF Movement: Cleans and Snatches Least Favorite CF Movement: Burpee over Bar or Thrusters… It’s a solid tie 3RM Back

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Athlete Spotlight: Hernan Munoz

Name: HERNAN MUNOZ Age: 39 Occupation: SALES Hometown: COLOMBIA Which class time do you usually attend? 6AM Favorite WOD: GRACE Favorite CF Movement: OVERHEAD WORKOUTS Least Favorite CF Movement: RUNNING 3RM Back Squat: 325 1RM Deadlift: 315 Favorite Food: STEAKS Favorite Movie: BRAVE HEART Favorite Athlete: N/A Dream Job: HEDGE FUND MANAGER Dream Vacation Destination: BORA BORA If you could have

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1.31.20 Friday

Prep: 2 Sets: 5/side Walking Lunge and Twist 10 Russian KBS 20 sec Forearm Plank 5 HR Push Ups A. Sorenson Max Sorenson Hold B. Deadlift Build to a 1RM in 12min or DL Practice C. “Diane” 21-15-9 Reps For Time Deadlifts (225/155 lb) Handstand Push-Ups Time cap is 10min.

1.29.20 Wednesday

Prep: Joint Mobility with PVC + 3 Sets: 3 Broad Jumps 30 sec FLR + Spend 3-5min Drilling positions with PVC or empty Bar A. Power Clean 15min to build to a 1RM PC or 15min Hang Power Clean Practice B. Grip Test Farmer Carry Hold 70/hand / 53/hand C. For Time: 100m Sled Push

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