Workout of the Day (WOD)

Top 10 Reasons to Participate in the Paleo Challenge

If you haven’t heard, No Excuses is signed up as an affiliate to participate in the nationwide Lurong Living Paleo Challenge beginning September 17th! That’s right, just a few weeks! We are really excited about bringing the Challenge to NE and seeing the amazing performance and health improvements in our athletes throughout the 9-week period! Some of you may be on the fence about stepping up and joining in, so I am here to present to you…read more…

Tuesday 8.21.12

Teams of 3:
Row 1500m (relay, switching every 250m)
1200m Run (relay, each runs 400m)
60 Box Jumps (20-24-30″) step ups allowed (everyone must do 30 jumps – not in a row, but needs to get 30 done. Each athlete must use a different height).
60 Burpees (get it done anyhow)
60 Box Jumps
1200m Run
1500m Row read more…