Saturday 9.7.13

Let’s get to work.  This week is a de-loading week.  We are going to take a week and decrease volume and focus on skills.  Proper program design relies on the idea of progressive overload. You slowly build tolerance to more and more volume and/or intensity. Smart program design requires that you train for a period of time, and then de-load to allow for that adaptation and neuromuscular recovery to occur and allows us to avoid overtraining.  If we went 100% every day for weeks and weeks, you would start to feel burned out and possibly injured or banged up.  De-loading allows for a concept known as supercompensation to occur (sounds cool right?!). It means that we take some time to scale back on volume and intensity and then when we jump back in we are better than we were before because we have had time to adapt to the imposed demands of our workouts.  You should finish the workouts and skill sessions this week feeling like you got some solid work accomplished and feel energized and recovered within a few minutes of finishing up.  Take time this week to focus on mobility or extra stretching as well.
Teams of 2-3 complete:
50 man makers
60 Box jumps
70 push-ups
80 cal on rower
90 burpees
100 m bear crawl
200 DU