Friday 8.30.13

Last day of assessment week!  Today is a make-up day OR a few more assessments, depending on how you have done throughout the week!

Tonight is Game Night!  Remember we do not have 6 or 7 pm classes tonight.  Instead we will be hanging out as a gym family playing games and chowing down on some great paleo grub.  Bring the family, your games and food to share!

Rest Day/Make-Up Day
1RM Power Snatch **
1 RM Power Clean **
**Only for athletes that have a body weight back squat, 125%/100% Body Weight Deadlift (Male/Female respectively), and 8 BW split squats at tempo.

We will be doing the Hot Shots 19 workout TOMORROW at 9, 10, or 11 am. Please come and honor those brave men who gave their lives.  Please consider donating to support the families left behind after this tragedy at
Hey all you No Excuses CrossFitters, sign up for the double under seminar we are hosting on September 6th at 6:30!
Don’t forget to sign up for the Deadlift for Dollars event. We are raising money for a local breast cancer charity, Paint Georgia Pink!  The sign up sheet is by the black board.