Friday 8.9.13

Check out the chalkboard for all things No Excuses!  Sign up for the Double Under Seminar here!  Cost is $40 if you use the code NoExcuses.  Get after it y’all and let’s get those doubles!!
A1.  Weighted pull-up – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ; rest 2 min.  This is max effort, working your way up in weight and down in reps.  Trying to pull a heavy or max single at the end.
Scale down:  Can be negatives or weighted negatives.  Ring pulls if you do not have negatives.  Make the pulls difficult, working your way to being more horizontal — pulling from full extension to rings touching your arm pits.
A2. CGBP (Close Grip Bench Press – 16 in apart) – 5,4,3,2,1 @ 20X1; rest 2 min
B. bent over butterflies (pinkies up and thumbs up)- 10-12 reps @ 3010 x 4; rest 45 sec

2 min AMRAP: 10 KBS (55#/35#), 10 burpees
Rest 2 min
2 min AMRAP: 10 push press (115#/85#), 7 t2b
Rest 2 min
2 min AMRAP: 1 full shuttle run 5-10-15-20-25.
The Shuttle is 5 yds and back, 10 and back, so on and so forth. Complete as many as possible in 1 min.  Going to 25 and back is 1 rep.