Wednesday 7.24.13

T-shirt orders are around the corner! Be on the lookout to get your No Excuses gear!  Also, be sure to sign up for the G-Braves game.  As a gift to you, we will be picking up the cost of the tickets! Just let us know if you are coming!  Sign up by the chalkboard!

Let’s get after it today!

A1. Weighted pull up: @ 3010 x 5; rest 20 sec b/t sets/ 2 min

Scale down from weighted pull-ups by going strict body weight.  If you cannot do pull-ups, you will do a 3 second negative.  If you are not able to do negatives, you will scale to ring pulls.  Make the ring pulls challenging.

A2. Bench press: 3.3.3 @ 31X1x 5; rest 15 sec/ 2 min.

10min AMRAP:
10 power clean (115/85)
10 HSPU or push-ups
10 front rack lunges (115/85)

90-95% effort 

Laci and North Atlanta's Jessica Phillips

Laci and North Atlanta’s Jessica Phillips

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