Friday 7.12.13

“Choose your Style”

Rembember the “choose your ending” chapter books?  Well today is all about choosing your workout!  You will have three 10 minute AMRAPs to work through today.  The idea here is to sustain your effort for 30 minutes.  You shouldn’t completely tank on your first 10 minute AMRAP.  Think like Fight Gone Bad, where you are going for reps and trying to stay moving.  For each amrap, you choose one weightlifting movement, one gymnastic movement and one cyclical movement (run, row, jump rope, burpee, box jump).  Your coach will help you choose the weight (should stay very light) and rep scheme.

10 min AMRAP
10 Min AMRAP:  Choose different movements this time.
10 min AMRAP: Choose different movements.
Remember the Gym-Wide WOD at 9 am Saturday followed immediately by the Town Hall Meeting and Paleo Potluck at 10 am!  Can’t wait to see you there!