Transform your relationship with food

Having a healthy association to food is a key component to overall well-being. Have you ever thought about your relationship with food? Would you consider it healthy or unhealthy? Do you obsess over food? Is everything you eat a number? Do you have strict food rules and then beat yourself up when they are broken? These

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Is what you are eating helping or hurting your workouts?

Think about your last really amazing workout performance. A workout where you walked away feeling like you gave it your all, and it showed. The results were beyond your expectations, you recovered quickly, and everything just came together the way you imaged it in your head. What did you eat before that workout? Now, imagine

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Fueling your body for workouts

Two things are important to consider when learning to fuel your body appropriately for a workout: 1. What type are they (i.e. cardio based, heavy lifting, short or long duration)? 2. And how have you been feeling the past few weeks during your workouts (i.e. tired, weak, bloated)? This usually means your diet needs work.

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