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Athlete Spotlight: Bethany Niese

Name: Bethany NieseAge: 42Occupation: ProfessorHometown: Miller City, OHWhich class time do you usually attend?: 8amFavorite WOD: Anything without double unders – kills my ego 😉Favorite CF Movement: Wall ballsLeast Favorite CF Movement: Snatch!Favorite Food: Pho!Favorite Movie: ZoolanderFavorite Athlete: I don’t follow any sport, really. Sooooo Brandon Brigman!Dream Job: Professor hahaDream Vacation Destination: World Tour!If you

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Why we perform band work

When it comes to workout equipment, most people think of a barbell and bumper plates, or dumbbells and kettlebells, or maybe even treadmills and elliptical machines. But there’s one piece of equipment that usually gets overlooked — rubber bands. I’ll be honest, we would use bands at No Excuses CrossFit from time-to-time. But it wasn’t

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