Group Fitness

Chalk It Pro app for members

We are excited to be able to provide our members with a new workout tracking app called Chalk It Pro. Through the app, members can view the days workout, record their lifts, scores and times to workouts. With the app that’s included with their monthly membership, members will be measure and observe their progress at

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‘Awesome experience for three years now’

????Take it from our members — we are here to help you and encourage you to do your best.????Thank you, David! We love being able to help you on your fitness journey.????To get started with No Excuses CrossFit, schedule a No Sweat Intro.

‘It’s great to be moving’

It’s so easy to be sedentary in today’s society. You can work from home. Have groceries delivered without leaving the house. Order and watch your favorite movies on the couch. Simple things that used to make us active can now be completed by sitting and clicking a button. Group fitness classes are a great way

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The magic of CrossFit

The power in CrossFit isn’t just some strange alchemy. In truth, it’s a formula — a formula that works. It’s the formula for everything we do, from forging elite fitness to preventing and reversing chronic disease. It’s the inputs that give us the outcomes — the results that have revolutionized an industry and changed millions

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Excuses don’t burn calories

Ben’s shirt says it all! Making excuses about why you eat or don’t eat something or about not working out, doesn’t get you anywhere. Stop making excuses and watch the results happen!

CrossFit Kids March/April 2023

CrossFit Kids is a health and fitness program for both boys and girls ages 5 to 11 of all skill and activity levels. The class is great for your child to develop mobility, basic movement patterns, and spatial awareness. They’ll have a ton of fun learning about teamwork, sports, and how to make exercise an

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‘My favorite part of the day’

Take it from our members — being at No Excuses CrossFit will be your best hour of the day. Thank you, Chase! We love being able to help you on your fitness journey. To get started with No Excuses CrossFit, comment ‘START’ below.

The Science Behind the Magic of CrossFit

In CrossFit, we don’t get our results from a lab. Instead, the data that guides our training and nutrition recommendations is collected from countless workouts where time, weight, distance, and reps are measured. The measurement and recording of workouts is part of our culture and makes CrossFit a giant, efficient experiment conducted in garages, affiliates,

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The CrossFit Open is over!

The CrossFit Open is over! Everyone that participated did a great job. Congratulations on stepping out of your comfort zone, trying new movements, reaching personal records, and doing your best. We are so proud of you!

Spirit of the Open 23.3: Jeremy Edmondson

Each year at the CrossFit Games, they honor someone with the Spirit of the Games award. This honor goes to the ‘athlete who embodies the spirit of the sport.’ Each week during the CrossFit Open, No Excuses CrossFit will recognize a member it feels represents the Spirit of the Games. This week’s honor goes to

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‘Great community’

???? Take it from our members — No Excuses CrossFit’s welcoming environment and amazing members and coaches will help you reach your goals.???? Thank you, Meghan! We are so thankful to help you on your fitness journey.???? To get started with No Excuses CrossFit, schedule a free No Sweat Intro or contact Coach Brandon at

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