Mario Macrina

Letter from Mario to Ben Davis Ben, I wanted to say thank you for the birthday wishes that you and your team gave me last week. It was a good feeling to know that you keep track of events like that and share your well wishes with the members. It also reinforced the feeling I

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Marie Diaz

The doctor had confirmed what I had already suspected. I had hypothyroidism. After reading all I could find on the internet, I was starting to feel hopeless about losing any weight. The condition itself could be treated medically, BUT weight loss was not typical w/ hypothyroidism.
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“Doc” – Jason Toops

Growing up I always had the metabolism of a hummingbird. I could eat what I wanted and never gain a pound. This lasted up through college and into my early twenties – when I got my first desk job. Sitting at a desk, grabbing lunch where and when I could and generally having little or no physical activity had a drastic and immediate impact on my body.
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George Schieber

Before coming to No Excuses and discovering Crossfit, I remember always feeling tired and never feeling like my clothes fit. I hated the way I looked, and was embarrassed to go shirtless at the pool. My wife complained about my snoring and I was always going to the doctor for headaches, colds, flu, intestinal problems, you name it.
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Kathy Ramos’ Story

I was a 54 year old, unconditioned, over-weight female….looking for a miracle. When Celia (my daughter-in-law) and I first began we were skeptical. Both of us wanted to feel better and shed some pounds…
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Laura Koller

I used to be the “chubby” one in my family. It wasn’t until I was 28 and had 2 children that I got frustrated enough to even try to exercise. I did several different things, and they were very time consuming. The only thing that really lasted was running.
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