RunFit Training Videos

Dynamic Warm Ups

Arm Swings Spiders and Inchworm Single Leg Deadlift Toe and Heel Walks Knee Hugs and Skips Grapevine and Straight Leg Kicks Step/Hop/Reach/Lunge Single Leg Hops Bounding Skips, Toe Jumps, Hummingbird

Running Specific Strength

X Jump Walk to Handstand & Walk to Backbend Surfer Squat, Push Up Rotatoin, and Superman Squat Thrust, Distance Hop, Tuck Jump Donkey Kicks, Single Leg Squat, Single Leg Butt Up, Jumping Lunge Planks Jump Switch Lunge Dips, Step Ups, Triceps Push Ups Dead Bug, Alternating Bridge, Rollback/Situp/Stand Clap Push ups, X Body Lift, Spiders,

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