Fall Nutrition Throwdown

Fall Nutrition Throwdown This year, our Fall Nutrition Throwdown has a new twist. Think past Nutrition Throwdown awesomeness meets the ADAPT program. This Nutrition Throwdown will be in the format of a 1-on-1 nutrition counseling type session. You will receive five 1-on-1 sessions along with before and after body fat tests. You will be able

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Fats! Good, Bad and the Ugly

        To begin to tackle the understanding of fats and how they relate to our health, our fitness and our overall survival, lets start with a “myth buster”, then move into some 101’s and wrap up with the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  Main point of this is to take away

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How do I eat after my workout?

What do I do after my workout??  There are so many “theories” out there about what an individual needs post workout.  This blog post is intended to help guide you in finding what works best for you, the individual, when fueling your body post-workout. First thing to remember is that you are an individual.  There

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