Monday 7.15.13

Thanks to everyone who attended the Town Hall Meeting!  We are looking forward to this new evolution of our CrossFit gym and community here at No Excuses.

Assessment Week and our new programming focus is centered around themes and energy systems (how your body creates energy during different lengths and intensities of workouts).  We will be testing your competency and capacity across six themes and different energy systems throughout the week.  After the data is collected, we will have a big picture of where the gym is collectively, and also where you are as an individual.  This will allow our programming to better meet your needs, challenge you and in turn, make you better.

Theme 1 – Upper Body Push

Establish a 1RM Close Grip Bench Press

Rest 2 Minutes

Max Reps @ 85% of the 1RM

Theme 2 – Double Leg 

Establish a 1RM Back Squat

Rest 2 Minutes

Max Reps @ 85% of the 1RM

Energy System Training

5 minutes OTM

100 m Dash

Record all five times.


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