Thursday 10.18.12

Happy Thursday! Let’s be all “gymnast-y” today!  One of the three modal domains of CrossFit is gymnastics. When we say gymnastics in CrossFit, people often get a little uneasy.  Most people’s minds go to the sport of gymnastics and then their minds go “…I can’t do gymnastics…I’m not a gymnast. Sure, those floor routines look sweet, but that’s not super practical is it Coach? Prancing around and doing all those flips, that doesn’t seem too “functional” to me.”  Let’s think about gymnastics in a more simple way:  being able to control your body in space.  That’s something we do every day!  Knowing where you are in space and being in control of your mass as it moves through space is definitely functional and is definitely a big deal.  Pushing yourself off the floor, sitting up, squatting down, climbing a ladder, stepping up onto a curb, walking up the stairs, pulling yourself up (think Cliffhanger…) that’s gymnastics, that’s controlling yourself in space. We practice gymnastics in here so that you are ready to do the mundane gymnastics of life and are prepared to dominate in some of the more crazy, unexpected ways that gymnastics may come up in life!

10 minute gymnastics skill volume ladder: pick a gymnastics skill and a manageable number of reps to complete every minute, on the minute.


6 Minute Up Ladder* of:
Burpee Box Jump, 20″
Wall Ball (20, 14)
Toes to Bar

*1-1-1; 2-2-2; 3-3-3….for 6 minutes

No Excuses and BTB athletes after the competition!

Competition this month: “The Girls” Check it out and register! 

Be thinking about your Costume for our Halloween WOD!

Challengers: Make sure you record your eating online and get performance challenge 3 knocked out this week!