Progress Is Not A Straight Line

There are two misconceptions about losing weight and eating healthy in the long term that can be mentally challenging to overcome. 1. It is only hard at the beginning 2. Progress is a straight line We usually focus on the start of the healthy eating process. You start with action steps, slowly learn how to

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Healthy Substitutions Make Eating Right Easy

One of my least favorite questions from anyone is, “are you on a diet?” As much as I try to give a simple “no” or “just eating healthy,” I inevatably end up going into a long explanation about balanced eating, why its important, and how it is not a diet, but something that my family

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Taking the long-term approach when it comes to nutrition

Taking a long-term approach to improving our nutrition means we have intent, objectives, goals and a mission to accomplish not only short-term goals, but also long-term goals. The big picture mission is simple, we want to be happy, healthy and strong – both mentally and physically. Being consistent with healthy habits like drinking water, meal

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