Adam Reese

A Duluth, GA native and Duluth High School graduate, Adam has grown up around sports, fitness, and education. Adam’s father (a 40+ year High School football and wrestling coach in Dekalb and Gwinnett counties) started teaching Adam the basics of movement and lifting at about 8 years old, even delving into some base-level gymnastics. In high school, Adam played baseball, year-round, and in 2005, with hopes to play in college, Adam began training with and working for Howie McCann (former Assistant Coach at the University of Georgia and Head Coach at Marshall University) at Windward Baseball Academy. In addition to this, to improve his strength, Adam also began training with Caleb Williams (World Champion Powerlifter, National Champion Olympic Weightlifter, Multi-time USAW World Team Member).

In 2007, Adam made the decision to give up baseball and begin training for Powerlifting with Caleb Williams. After a year of training, 2 competitions, 4 Georgia State Records, and a 2008 USAPL Teen Nationals qualification, Adam made the decision to switch his focus to Olympic Weightlifting. During 2007-08, Adam also began coaching his first strength athletes, under Caleb’s tutelage and mentoring, eventually leading him to discover a strong passion for teaching and coaching.

Since 2008, Adam has developed into a barbell specialist, with a heavy focus on Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting. In the sport of Weightlifting, Adam has competed in 2 weight classes, qualified for 3 National-level competitions, and has coached a handful of National-level qualifiers in both Weightlifting and Powerlifting. Adam even worked for Team Rohr Powerlifting from 2010-2016.

In 2011, Adam discovered CrossFit, and began working for CrossFit Gwinnett of Buford in 2012. Since then, Adam has worked for as many as 8 CrossFit gyms, holding 3 Head Coaching positions, and 2 programming roles. Adam is USAW Level-1 Sports Performance Certified, CrossFit Level-1 Certified, CrossFit Kids Certified, and MORR (Movement, Overspeed, Resistance, Reaction) Certified. In addition to all of this, Adam prides himself on bringing a level of knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm to each of his classes!