Workout of the Day (WOD)

1.1.20 Wednesday

Prep: 3 Sets: 10 Cat Cows 10/side Leg Swing 5/side Shoulder CARs 5 PVC OHS A. EMOM10 1- 4 Hang Snatch High Pull 2- 4 OHS Pick moderate weights throughout.   B. For Time Fitness 21-15-9 Power Snatch 95#/65# BJO 24/20 Essentials 21-15-9 alt DB Power Snatch 35/20 BJO   Time Cap 12min

12.31.19 Tuesday

Prep: 3 Sets: 60 sec Row 30 sec FLR 10 Glute Bridges A. 4 sets: Every 3min: 10 DB Glute Bridge Floor Press @ 1010 Heavy 10/arm SA Seated Ext Rotation 2111   B. AMRAP20 5 DB Push Ups 50/35 /hand 10 alt Renegade Rows 20 Anchored Sit Ups 40 DU / Single Under

Around the Whiteboard: Michael Blair

Certifications: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. CrossFit Level 1 and 2 Trainer Favorite WOD: Adam Brown 2 Rounds For Time 24 Deadlifts (295/205 lb) 24 Box Jumps (24/20 in) 24 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb) 24 Bench Press (195/125 lb) 24 Box Jumps (24/20 in) 24 Wall Ball shots (20/14

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Prep: 3 Sets: 30 sec Jumping Jacks 20-30 sec/side Side Plank Fitness A. 3 Sets: 8/leg RNT Split Squat 2020 100′ Farmer Carry Tough Weights rest as needed B. 4 Sets: Every 3min: 5 Back Squats 30X1 2-3 Strict Pronated Pull Ups Can do wtd PU if possible. C. AMRAP10 5 DB DL 50/35 /hand

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12.28.19 Thursday

Prep: 3min Easy Row/AB + Joint Mobility + 2 Sets: 10/side alt FLR Taps 10-20 sec Bar Hang Fitness A. Seated Single Arm DB Strict Press Build to an 8RM on each arm Can rest b/w arms. B. For Time: 10-8-6-4-2 kHSPU CTB **After each set: 10 Hollow Tucks Rx+ = GHD Sit up and sHSPU.

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12.27.19 Friday

Prep: 2 Sets: 10/side Shoulder CARs 50 ft Quadruped Crawl SLOW + Clean Practice Fitness A. Squat Clean + Front Squat Build to a tough set in 12-15min B. For Time: 1000m Row 90 sec rest 750m Row 90 sec rest 500m Row 90 sec rest 250m Row 15min Cap Score is total time including rest.

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12.26.19 Thursday

Prep: 3 Sets: 30 sec AB easy 10/side Leg Swings 20 sec/side Side Plank Essentials A. 1 Set: Max Sorenson Hold B. Clean Grip DL Build to a tough set of 3 @ 11X1 Must be clean grip, no mixed grip C. AMRAP10 5 KB DL 70/53 (1 KB) 10 BJSD 50 SU   Fitness:

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12.24.19 Tuesday

Prep: 3 Sets: 5/arm SA Ring Row 10 Scap Push Ups A. Push Press Build to a tough set of 3 in 10min. Not TnG. Must reset each rep. B. Santa’s Countdown AMRAP20 12 TTB 11 Burpees over Bar 10 Power Clean 9 TTB 8 Burpees over Bar 7 Power Clean 6 TTB 5 Burpees

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12.23.19 Monday

Prep: 3 Sets: 30 sec Air Squat Hold 6/side Hip Switch 30 sec Forearm Plank Fitness A. EMOM5 – 8-10 alternating Jump Lunges B. Back Squat 12min Build to a heavy set of 3 reps @ 31X1 Make sure to pause for a full second. C. For Time: 100 Wallballs 20/14# 10/9′ 2 Scores: 1. Max

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12.21.19 Saturday

Prep: 3min Easy Row + Joint Mobility Fitness A. AMRAP5 Max sHSPU At the beginning of each minute, including minute zero, must perform 8 Box Jumps 24/20 B. 4 Sets: 5/arm SA DB Push Press 8/arm Parallette Supported SA DB Rows 10X1 rest 90 sec Heavy on rows and Push Press C. For Time: 18-15-12-9-6

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12.20.19 Friday

Prep: 2 Sets: 15/side Quadruped CARs 50 ft Quadruped Crawl Fitness A. Front Squat Build to a tough set of 5 in 10min @ 30X2 B. AMRAP5 5 Squat Cleans 5 Bar Facing Burpees 50% of Max Squat Clean = weight for workout B. 3 Sets: 10 Barbell Hip Thrust @ 11X0 5/leg SL KB

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12.19.19 Thursday

Prep: Joint Mobility / Movement Prep A. 3 Sets: 60 sec/side Anterior Chain Stretch 60 sec/side Banded Ankle Distraction B. AMRAP20 @ Skill Effort 20 cal Row or AB 5 Roll to Candlesticks 10m HS Walk 1 Rope Climb RX+ = 3/side SL Roll to Candlestick Focusing on qulaity movement first. Sub is 20 sec

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12.18.19 Wednesday

Prep: 3 Sets: 30 sec AB easy 10/side Leg Swings 20 sec/side Side Plank Fitness: A. 3 Sets: 5 GHD Hip Ext + Sorenson Hold – Max Hold 30 sec/side Dragon no set rest (whenever GHD is open) B. Clean Grip DL 2,2,2,2,2 @ 4111 Every 2:30 Start around 60% and build each set or

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12.17.19 Tuesday

Prep: Prep: 3 Sets: 10 Ring Rows 30 sec HS Hold / OH KB Hold Fitness A. 5min Max reps – Strict Pronated Pull Ups. You must do the eccentric of each rep. You cannot drop from the top. B. Shoulder Press + Push Press 2 reps @ 21X2 + 3-5 Push Press Every 2:30

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