Workout of the Day (WOD)

Athlete Spotlight: Shawna Gray

Name: Shawna Gray Age: 45 Occupation: Nonprofit Grant writer/Women’s Lacrosse Official Hometown: Marlton, NJ Which class time do you usually attend? 8am Favorite WOD: Any that don’t involve burpees or bear crawls Favorite CF Movement: Back squat Least Favorite CF Movement: Burpees and bear crawl 3RM Back Squat: 175 1RM Deadlift: 235 Favorite Food: Sushi Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride

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Prep: 3min Easy Row + Joint Mobility Fitness A. EMOM8 1-4 UB sHSPU B. 4 Sets: 8 DB Push Press (pause 2 sec in dip) 10/arm 3-Point Row 10X0 rest 90 sec C. AMRAP12 200m Run 12 TTB 9 DB DL 50/35 6 Burpees over DBs Essentials A. EMOM8 5 Strict DB Press 20X2 B.

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Prep: 2 Sets: 15/side Fire Hydrants 50 ft Quadruped Crawl Fitness A. Front Rack Reverse Lunge Build to a tough set of 5/leg in 10min + Every 2min x3: 5/leg @ 80% of tough set rest 2min b/w sets B. EMOM8 Odd- 5 Hang Power Clean Even- 5 Front Squats 40-45% of HPC C. AMRAP10 3,6,9,12,15,18…

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11.28.19 Thursday

Prep: Joint Mobility / Movement Prep A. Every 8min x4 sets In teams of 2 or 3: 20 alt Burpee Box Jump Overs 30 TTB Split any way 40 DB Power Snatch Split any way 100 DU/SU Split any way **In remaining time max row or AB for cals. Can switch off machine any time.

11.27.19 Wednesday

Prep: 3 Sets: 30 sec AB easy 10/side Leg Swings 3/side T-Spine Sweeps Essentials A. 3 Sets: Sorenson Hold – Max Hold 30 sec/side Dragon Stretch rest walk 30 sec B. Clean Grip DL 5,5,5,5 @ 4111 rest 2min 50% of your 1RM or light loads across C. EMOM16 1- 12 KB DL 70/53 (1

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11.26.19 Tuesday

Prep: 3 Sets: 10 Ring Rows 20 sec HS Hold / OH KB Hold Essentials A. EMOM8 3 Banded Strict Pronated Pull Ups @ 31X1 B. Shoulder Press 5 reps @ 21X2 rest 2min x 5 sets Start around 70% and stay there or build a little. C. AMRAP12 15 cal Row 5 SA DB

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11.25.19 Monday

Prep: 3 Sets: 50 Single Unders 5/side Cossack Squat 30 sec Forearm Plank Essentials: A. Dumbbell Split Squat 8/leg @ 1010 rest 60 sec b/w legs x 3 sets First set Light Second set Moderate Third set Hard B. Back Squat 5,5,5,5 @ 32X1 rest 2min after each set. Stay b/w 60-70% of 3RM. Minimal building.

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11.22.19 Friday

Prep: 2 Sets: 5/side Walking Lunge and Twist 10 Russian KBS 20 sec Forearm Plank 5 HR Push Ups   A. Sorenson Max Sorenson Hold B. Deadlift Build to a 1RM in 12min C. “Scalped” 3RFT: 25 KBS 53/35 25 Burpees Rx+ 70/53 Time cap is 10min. Modified version if they did not get 90

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11.20.19 Wednesday

Prep: 3 Sets: 10 Russian KBS 10 Ring Rows 5 Cat Cows A. Power Clean / Vertical 15min to build to a 1RM PC or Max Vertical Jump B. Grip Endurance Test Farmer Carry Hold 70/hand / 53/hand C. For Time: 100m Sled Push Outside (135/95 added) Time cap is 5min

11.19.19 Tuesday

Prep: Joint Mobility with PVC + 3 Sets: 3 Broad Jumps 30 sec FLR + Spend 3-5min Drilling positions with PVC or empty Bar A. Power Snatch / Reverse Medball Toss 15min to Build to a 1RM PS or 3 Attempts for Max Distance B. Pull Up / Bar Hang Max UB Set of Strict

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11.18.19 Monday

Prep: 3 Sets: 30 sec AB Easy 5/side Hip Switches 20-30 sec Forearm Plank + 2 Sets: 5 Goblet Squats 33X1 rest 60 sec A. Back Squat Build to a 3RM in 15min B. Shoulder Press Build to a 1RM in 10min C. AMRAP10 100 Wallballs 20/14 10/9 50 alt DB Power Snatches 50/35 ***In

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11.16.19 Saturday

Prep: 3min Row + Joint Mobility + Bar Warm Up Fitness A. EMOM8 3 Pause Power Cleans Pause 3 sec at knee Starting light and building a little each round to moderate-tough loads. B. Every 3min x 5 Sets: 5 HPC + 5 S2OH 135/95 10 Weighted Sit Ups 10 Bar Facing Burpees Essentials A.

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11.15.19 Friday

Prep: 8min EZ 8 cal Row 8 Walking Lunges 10 alt FLR Shoulder Taps 5 Hollow Tucks Fitness + Essentials A. 5 Sets: 6 KB Curl to Press (Hold 1 sec at bottom hang and 1 sec top) rest 60 sec 4/side DB Reverse Lunge to SL RDL rest 60 sec Pick Moderate loads and

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