Spotlight Athlete

Athlete Spotlight: Rachel Vang-Her

Name: Rachel Vang (Her) Age: 33 Occupation:  Full-time Homemaker & Part-time Personal Assistant at Lifetime Dental Class time:  9:30am & occasionally 6am Favorite WOD:  Do people have Favorite WODs?  I just do what I’m told.  Any WOD that doesn’t include Running would be my favorite. Favorite CF Movement:  Deadlifts, SU (single unders) & mobility 1RM:

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Athlete Spotlight: Trina Hennen

Name:  Trina Hennen Age:  37 Occupation:  Registered Nurse Which class time do you usually attend?  09:30 Favorite WOD:   I don’t have one Favorite CF Movements:  deadlift or anything with legs 1RM Deadlift:  220 3 RM Back squat:  145 Favorite Food:  everything Favorite Movie:  Pride and Prejudice Favorite Athlete:  John Smoltz Dream Job:  Not working

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Athlete Spotlight: Pablo Seymour

Name: Pablo Sebastian Seymour Age: 35 Occupation: Sherwin Williams Professional Coatings Rep Which class time do you usually attend? 4pm Favorite WOD: Anything Heavy and no burpees Favorite CF Movements: Shoulder to Overhead 1RM Deadlift: 440 3 RM Back squat: 405 Favorite Food: BBQ Favorite Movie: Braveheart Favorite Athlete: Mat Fraser Dream Job: Teacher Dream

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