Private Programming

Private Programming is specifically designed around your goals, abilities, and weakness to improve your overall fitness level, competitive performance, and aesthetics. Private Programming is intended for the person that needs additional work to achieve a milestone like pull ups or muscle ups, improve cardio, lose body fat, gain more strength, or just get better at CrossFit.

You will have an initial 1-on-1 consultation to discus your goals. Weekly communication and feedback with your Private Programming coach will help direct the program.  Private Programming is designed to be done before or after group CrossFit class to make sure you are not losing anything from the daily class programming.

Beast Mode – $75 per month

• Initial 1-on-1 consultation

• Weekly check-ins to gauge your progress

• One 30-minute personal training session a month

• 2-3 additional exercises to be performed in each session

Gainz Plan – $40 per month

• Initial 1-on-1 consultation

• Weekly check-ins to gauge your progress

• Three days a week of supplemental programming

• 2-3 additional exercises to be performed in each session

To sign-up for Private Programming, e-mail Coach Chris at

Success stories from Private Programming

Addison W.
Better ability to do wall balls, more reps and he doesn’t get as winded
Sustain during longer workouts, don’t feel as tired and can keep pace better
Has increased leg and hip strength and is shown in back squat and power clean PR’s
Has learned how to do the pegboard

Ashley W.

Got her first handstand Push Up

Got her first bar muscle up

Was able to do legless rope climb
Was able to set multiple strength PR’s in last benchmark week power clean / squat / Deadlift

Lindsay M.
Increase in HSPU capacity by posting a better score in Diane from when done in the open.
Got 3 Strict Pull Ups
Was able to post Pr in Angie

Min O.
Gone from no Ring Muscle Ups to Multiple Unbroken reps in workouts
Increased HSPU Capacity by doing more reps UB and doing more total reps in workouts
Increase in top end anaerobic and aerobic Power which is shown by posting some of the best times in the gym

Drew B.
Pull Ups and toes to Bar have been able to string multiple reps together in workouts
Achieved first Bar Muscle Ups
Weight loss
Has been able to put up better times because increased movement skill practice

Jason Y.

“Personal Programming that Coach Chris set me up has helped me a lot. I was able to do my first ever hand stand push ups last week due to the personal programming. I am enjoying my improvements as each week goes by.”