Friday Night Throwdown 2018 teams

The CrossFit Open is this week and the teams have been drafted for Friday Night Throwdown! See below to find out which team you are on this year.

What’s next?

Your team captain should be contacting you within the next 24 hours to make sure you are aware of everything that is going on for Friday Night Throwdown.

What is Friday Night Throwdown again? 

All the details are in this link.

Can I still get a Friday Night Throwdown T-shirt?

Possibly, but you need to sign-up fast or let Coach Brandon know ASAP. He’s placing the order on Monday.

Can I get food at Friday Night Throwdown?

Yes, we will have food available from 6:30-8:30 p.m. A sign-up sheet will be posted at the gym. Cost is $10-12 per person. You must sign-up by Thursday so they have an idea of how much food to bring.

Is there a Friday Night Throwdown Facebook page?

Yes. Please post your scores, comments, questions, photos, etc. on Friday Night Throwdown page and not the members page.

How do I earn points for my team?



5 points – Come to the gym dressed in that week’s theme. (You don’t have to do the WOD in your costume.)


1 point each – each food/item you donate to the North Gwinnett Co-Op.

You may donate as many of the food/items on the list as you wish. Donate 20 canned fruit in Week 1 and get 20 points.


25 points – Make one poster to be used during the five-week Friday Night Throwdown. That poster is good for 25 points for one week. Posters must be made by hand and not printed. Posters must be standard poster size of 22×28 inches or bigger (not a sheet of paper). Posters must reveal some sort of effort was put into creating it. Once a poster is made, it may be left at the gym for all five weeks. The expectation is to make a sign that would get you on TV at a sporting event.

Social Media

5 points – Post a photo of you, you and your workout buddy, or you and a friend you brought to the gym in front of the No Excuses CrossFit step and repeat banner. Post on the Friday Night Throwdown Facebook page.


2 points – each person you judge during Friday Night Throwdown or the make-up/re-do on Sunday. There’s no cap on the number of people you can judge.

What are the themes each week?

Friday, Feb. 23

Food: Bravo Mexican Grill

Theme: No Excuses CrossFit apparel

Donation: Canned fruits, Jelly, Diapers (size 5-6), Dish soap

Friday, March 2

Food: Praise The Lard (BBQ and chicken)

Theme: Pop Culture night

Donation: Canned and dried beans, Depends, Shampoo (non-hotel size)

Friday, March 9

Food: Pizza party

Theme: Sports Night

Donation: Canned meats, Canned pasta meals, Pull ups, Toilet paper

Friday, March 16

Food: Lo-Co Motion Food Truck

Theme: St. Patrick’s Day

Donation: Spaghetti noodles, Spaghetti sauce, Laundry detergent, Toothpaste

Friday, March 23

Food: Fu-Mao pig roast

Theme: Luau night

Donation: Rice, Boxed sides, Paper towels, deodorant


Friday Night Throwdown teams

(Note: Team may add members that were not drafted.)

Mathew Laura Stacey Jeremy
Hip Hop Bunnyz Tenacious Turtles Rowdy Roosters Space Monkey Mafia
Addison Williams Bond Nguyen Abram Duke Adam Reese
Ashley Williams Dave Drouault Adam Perillo Angie Drexler
Carolina R. Greg Hayes Bill Bozeman Barbara Parsons
Corey B. Jay Franks Brandon Sullivan David Hernandez
Geoff Clott Joan Howard Desta Long Drew Gacek
Jami P. Linda Retter Emily Stalling Eli B.
Lori Parker Lindsay Morris Jiyun Kim Jeff Whitlock
Matt Ziesmer Makena L. JT Odom Jon Owings
Min Oh Mario Macrina Judy Nam Justin Flowers
Mindy Black Matthew Morris Kanisha Bembridge Kyle Benderoth
Patrick Hoydar Mun Na Kim Guthrie Leslie Brigman
Samantha Spell Rachel Vang Lilly Villafuerte Margie Mallow
Scot P. Riley L. Maria Corvera Miriam Lopez
Tyler Jensen Ryan Pedersen Michelle Stovall Nicole Wilkins
Viviana Grisales Shawn Rainey Mike Jones Trevor Ezzell
Yessica R. Tara Fischer Peter Maxfield
Tyler Botts
Mackenzie Maynard