Athlete Spotlight: Jeff Whitlock

Name: Jeff Whitlock
Age: 43
Occupation: Computer Systems Analyst
Hometown: Edmonton, AB
Which class time do you usually attend? 4pm
Favorite WOD: Murph (At least 1/2 of one)
Favorite CF Movement: Power Snatch
Least Favorite CF Movement: Sumo DL High pull
3RM Back Squat: 265
1RM Deadlift: 355
Favorite Food: Pizza!
Favorite Movie: Deadpool
Favorite Athlete: Caleb Daniel – Western Bulldogs (AFL)Dream Job: VR Game Tester
Dream Vacation Destination: Australia
If you could have any super power… Regeneration
Favorite Motivational Quote: “Cheese it!” — Bender B. Rodriguez

How long have you been doing CrossFit? 
“Since January, 2016”

How did you first discover CrossFit and what made you decide to start? 
“Friend / coworker from MN started CF and was talking about how challenging but fun it was.  My wife and I decided to give it a go.  And since we had been passing by this odd looking GYM a few times a week, figured we’d look into it.  After the 1st few weeks, I was hooked!”

Tell us about your fitness/sports background: 
“Didn’t do anything organized.  Was mostly just pickup / fun sports

. Frisbee, soccer, football.  Started playing Australian Rules Football 3 years ago. (Not Rugby!)”

What sorts of positive changes (mental, physical, emotional) have you noticed in your life since getting involved at No Excuses? 
“Become stronger, healthier, and more flexible.  I’ve been able to beat the “lazy” that had been prevalent in my life.”

Who or what keeps you coming back and motivated? 
“I enjoy the challenges Fischer comes up with each day.  Facing them head on with the great folks at the gym.  Always encouraging and pushing me to get better each day.  And when I start slacking, they call me on it.”

In what other ways do you use your fitness? 
“Since joining CrossFit I’ve improved my footy skills and my ability to wrestle with my dog.”

Please share with us a favorite CrossFit or No Excuses moment.  “The yearly camping trip.  Always a brutal challenge for the workout, but spending the rest of the time hanging with friends, laughing, joking, and usually huddled around the fire under leaking tarps trying not to get rained on.”

Name one goal you would like to achieve in the next year (doesn’t have to be CrossFit related, but it can be) 
“To do a MU or a HSPU or both!”

Tell us about your hobbies and interests outside of the gym: 
“I enjoy painting miniatures, watching movies, listening to music, and playing video games.”

What advice do you have for someone just starting CrossFit or is on the fence about starting? 
“Take the leap!  It might not be for everyone, but you wont know till you try.  You can’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and give something new a try!”

What do you love most about No Excuses?
“The No Excuses family!  I always feel welcome.  Even when I’ve burned every little bit of energy on the workout and laying dead on the floor, someone is there to offer a friendly fist bump “good work”.  When I’ve had a rough, stressful day with work, I can leave it at the door and just enjoy the class.”

Coach Brandon’s Take:
“Jeff is one of the hardest workers in the gym and puts the time into the little things to get better. I can always count on him to get to the gym early to stretch, foam roll, or warm-up before class gets started. That’s played a big role in reducing his risk of injuries. Jeff is also very coachable. He’s willing to take advice on movements and apply them. He’s also a pretty good teacher himself, instructing several members from the gym on how to play Austrian Rules Football.”