Mario Macrina

Mario was born and raised just outside of Boston, Massachusetts and is a licensed Professional Civil Engineer.  Since a young age, he has always had an interest in fitness.  In High School, Mario was a State Track Champion and used that sport as a foundation to become an avid weightlifter in his 20’s.

In his 30’s, Mario began to battle a sedentary lifestyle and struggled with chronic back pain.  Just after turning 39, he made a promise to himself that we would “get in shape” by his 40th birthday.  While at a family outing, he spoke to a friend who had just started this thing called CrossFit and was intrigued by what he heard.  That night he located the closest CrossFit affiliate and stopped by No Excuses CrossFit the next day.  He’s been hooked ever since that first 6 minute WOD!

Mario became a CrossFit Level 1 trainer in July 2012 and enjoys coaching the early morning classes.  Although he is always striving to improve his own performance, his inspiration comes from seeing others improve and the gains that can be achieved with hard work!

In Mario’s own words: “I can’t express how much Crossfit has impacted my life. I will always remember the words one coach said to me the first day I walked into No Excuses. ‘Our goal is to build your body and mind so you will have the confidence to handle any challenge in your life, whether it be mental or physical’. I am very humbled by the other CrossFitters and coaches in the gym and what they are accomplishing for themselves on a daily basis. I am amazed at all the ways CrossFit can benefit the community as a whole and am glad I can be a part of it!”

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