Mathew Shamloo

Mathew is originally from Pensacola, FL but has called Suwanee home since 2008. He attended the University of West Florida and holds a B.A. in Advertising/Marketing and works as an Art Director/Graphic Designer. As a multi-sport athlete in his youth, Mathew has always enjoyed an active lifestyle.  “Throughout high school and college, I did the usual gym thing – Back and Bis, Chest and Tris, little bit of cardio, little bit of legs.” But it was always the same thing every week and I found myself just going through the motions and not feeling stronger.” I was immediately drawn to the idea of Crossfit when I came across it. I was never the strongest, nor the fastest, but I was generally skilled and was athletically adaptive, so I was immediately drawn to the idea of constantly varied movements.”

After nearly 3 years of training in CrossFit, Mathew earned his CF Level 1 Trainer Certificate in 2016. Helping and seeing others achieve their goals has proven to be as equally rewarding as anything he has achieved in his own fitness. “I think we take our capability for granted and underestimate our strengths and abilities. There is nothing like seeing the ‘lightbulb come on’ when someone finally gets a movement.”