Christopher Crowder

Christopher Crowder was born with a heart condition that required multiple surgeries over several years as well as a pacemaker for about 10 years of his life.  It wasn’t until his early twenties that he was able to have the pacemaker removed and was cleared to participate in strenuous physical activities for the first time.

At this point, weighing 130lbs and standing about six feet tall he began weight training and was very frustrated by the lack of attention most gym staff gave to those doing things incorrectly.  Growing up in and out of hospitals, Christopher decided to pursue a non-medical degree and career and works in IT full-time. He is very committed to continuing education with regards to exercise science and coaching and loves the research aspect greatly.

Christopher is a CrossFit Level 2 trainer and USAW Level 2 National coach. He is also a Catalyst Athletics Level 1 Weightlifting Coach and Eleiko Olympic Weightlifting and Program Design Coach. Additional CrossFit Specialty Seminars attended include Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Movement and Mobility and Rowing seminars.

He found CrossFit in 2007 via an Olympic weightlifting seminar and began researching CrossFit which led him to No Excuses where he began his coaching career after training as a member for a year.   In Chris’ words: “Coaching is something I am very passionate about as I have seen so many folks walk out of a gym because of a bad experience; so for me I want to help each person learn how capable they truly are.”

Christopher currently coaches and competes in Olympic weightlifting with Team GA Weightlifting with a goal of making the podium at a National Masters event.

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