Monday 7.21.13

A. Back squat – Cluster @ 3011; 5.5.5 x 5; rest 2 min after each set – 15 sec rest b/t sets of 5 – same weight all set, add if successful for the cluster.  What is a cluster?  Reps that are clustered together to form one set.  Each cluster has a 15 sec rest between.  For Ex: complete 5 reps @3011 tempo, rest 15 sec, complete another 5 reps, rest 15 sec, complete last 5 reps.  After Cluster is complete rest 2 min, add weight if needed then repeat.

B. accumulate 4 min of plank hold in a little sets as possible.
Team Sled Push -Team of 3
7min AMRAP:
90#/60# sled x 25m
(Scale light enough to turn over quickly, not breaking up in 25m)