Monday June 17th 2013 O-Lifting week 6


SPU Warm Up (BAR x5reps each)

Snatch Lift Off + Snatch Pull + Snatch RDL to Knee + Lap Snatch
OT2min 16min
*First 3 sets keep at 50%, then for the following 5 build to something heavy but priority should be mechanics over weight.*

Snatch Grip RDL to knees 3×3 95-105% of snatch

Back Squat
4×5 starting at a very light weight and building up to a moderately heavy weight
1×5 5lbs heavier than last week



3 Rounds each for time:
10 Alternating Dumb Bell Snatches 55/35
15 Burpees
20 Squats
Rest 90sec