Friday 5.31.13

Last day of May!  Hard to believe we are already into the summer months!  Make sure you are bringing water with you to the gym and monitor how you are feeling in the heat during the workouts.

The Chief
5 Rounds of:

3 min AMRAP
3 Power Clean (135/95)
6 Pushups
9 Squats

Rest 1 min between rounds.

Score is completed rounds in each AMRAP.  For example, if I complete 4 rounds and then only get through 3 power cleans in my 5th round, my score is just 4.  You will have 5 numbers for your score.

the warm-up area at the South East Regional

the warm-up area at the South East Regional

The I Can Games are going on in Hilton Head June 15-16th.  There is an individual day on Saturday and teams of 4 on Sunday.  We already have a few people from No Excuses who are competing!  Check out the WODs and sign up scaled or RX by yourself or with a team!  Sign up here!

This Saturday at noon, Coach Laura will be giving a free goal setting seminar.  She will discuss the importance of setting goals and creating a vision for what you want to achieve.  She will begin to give you a framework for setting appropriate goals and creating action steps for meeting them.  Come check it out!